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About Cookies

We use so-called "cookies" to get a great functionality in our online store. We do not collect any personal information about you as a visitor. Instead, cookies keep track of your shopping bag and your choices and settings you made in the store. If cookies are disabled, the page will not work properly and you will not be able to shop.

How do i activate cookies?

Go to "Settings" or "Security Settings" in your browser. It looks different in different systems.


About the site

This site follows the guidelines and the standard set by W3C. HTML 5 is used to structure content and CSS is used to handle appearance. We use Javascript for different features that makes it easier to shop. Unfortunately, all browsers do not fully comply with the standard, so the site may look different to some older browsers. The site is best viewed in a modern browser that supports CSS and Javascript, such as later version of,

- Google Chrome

- Firefox

- Internet Explorer

- Safari


Screen Resolution

The site is built with "responsive design" and works well regardless of device.


This online store is created by our partner "Wikinggruppen". "Wikinggruppen" is one of Sweden's major e-commerce providers. Welcome to contact "Wikinggruppen" for any questions or comments about this site.


Customer Service


Welcome to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to assist you!

Email your question and get a quick replay. (Leave phone number and notify if you want to be called)

Opening hours customer service email: Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00