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Crystalline Sweden is a swedish family owned design company with a strong passion for beautiful and inspiring crystal interior. Under our Swedish brand - Crystalline Sweden® you will find a modern and elegant collection with quality crystal designs. 

Our crystal collection is available to you as a private person, business customer and retailer.

We are unique in this way, that we have specialized in luxury crystal designs of lighting, candelabras and decor in a close cooperation with reputable and leading lighting- and crystal producers. Based on our broad international cooperation, we have a great asset to the latest of trends, techniques and manufacturing.

As a customer at Crystalline you will get access to beautiful crystal designs that often is made in a limited edition. Crystal designs who besides tasteful and exclusive interior, also makes the perfect gifts/wedding gifts. Sparkling interior details that are truly appreciated and highly spoken about! ​

We take good care of all our customers and we strongly believe in; Beautiful design, quality along with a excellent service to you.

Beautiful design from different corners of the world lies Crystalline's founder very close at heart and the different design ideas began to take shape in 2014. It didn't end with a thought, and a long research in this niched design area was made at an international level, which led to a clear vision - The vision was to be able to share and make these sparkling beautiful and luxurious crystal interior available to more homes. 

The network for our production and the current key contacts were established. All of 2015-2016 was then devoted to manufacturings, testing, mold casting, engravings etc, and the first product ideas now took both desired form and direction. She wanted to be able to keep a classic expression especially for some of the lighting designs, but at the same time, follow the basic idea that most designs in the forthcoming crystal collection should be inspired by the very latest in techniques and new modern product lines. 

During these years of preparation, our design company Crystalline Sweden was founded and on November 30, 2015, we opened this online store - Our crystal designs have been well received by our wonderful customers and we decided to continue forward. By the end of 2016, our brand Crystalline Sweden® became established.

Today, Crystalline collaborates very closely with the same skilled crystal producers who are near several famous fashion houses with our crystal design. There is much love, thought and work behind all of our crystal designs and its with a great gratitude and joy we presents our sparkling collection to you.

We are constantly investing with new exciting designs for the collection, are responsive towards you as a customer and looking forward to continue to be inspired togheter! Best regards/Susanne Norén, Founder




The name "Crystalline" comes from the word with the same meaning - "Having the structure and form of a crystal; composed of crystals". But is also inspired by the talented (film musician) composer Ivan Torrent with his song with the same name and year.                            


We hope you and your home will be delighted with our sparkling designs!





Shopping at Crystalline Sweden is both simple, convenient and safe. We are very happy to provide you with the best possible service.

  • Do you have any questions or if it concerns your order it´s easy to contact us.

  • You have the opportunity to choose how to shop with several beneficial options and payment terms. We are up to date with the latest technology online and service providers for your safety.

  • You always have 1 year guarantee on all lighting, candelabras and decor designs.

  • You get your crystal designs sent in safe packaging/gift boxes adapted for global freight and if an accident still would occur, we'll be there! (Note! Please report shipping damage within 7 days so we can help to replace your order)

  • You always have 30 days return policy on your order so you can make sure that the selected lamp or candelabra matches your home and interior style.




Discover several different opportunities, whether you're a private customer or business customer.

Decorate your home with exclusive and sparkling beautiful decor designs in crystal. We also have appreciated and elegant gifts for all extra-festive occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Company: Here you can find elegant and tasteful decor and interior for your company, workroom and display window. We also offer beautiful and appreciated gifts for your employees. You simply choose to place your order as a company in the store's checkout.




Crystalline Sweden cooperates with selected stores/companies and we offer an exclusive and well put together crystal collection with trendy and elegant quality designs. We always try to meet your company's wishes and to provide with great service towards your customers.


Please feel free to contact us for more info!

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Welcome to Crystalline Sweden!​​




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