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Crystal occasionally need to be cleaned to maintain the beautiful luster and shine. If you handle your crystal interior correctly, it will continue to adorn your home.

Specially developed cleaners / cleaners for crystal interior (Sparkle Plenty) are also available here if you want to clean in the best possible way.

In general, all crystal cleaning is by hand, very carefully and when needed. As with any crystal, you can with advantage clean/polish with lukewarm/warm water and with hand-dishwashing detergents. (Not in dishwasher). However, the cleaning does not take more than a few minutes.


Easy cleaning

1) Mix warm/lukewarm water, a little hand-dishwshing detergent in a spray bottle. The mixture removes dirt effectively and gives a good shine.

2) Spray the mixture very sparingly on the part of the lamp, candelabra or other crystal surface you are going to clean first, and then wipe/brush off immediately with a dry duster. Always avoid getting water in/against edges. Then proceed with the mixture on the next crystal part, wipe/brush immediately. (you work through all parts separately).

3) Replace the mixture with warm water, avoid edges and spray sparingly and then wipe/brush the crystal parts in the same way as above.


Tip! Always work on a soft surface when handling crystal which can easily break.


Lighting should be cleaned very carefully and always avoid getting water in/against edges/against metal.

When cleaning the lighting fixtures, avoid any water on electrical parts and the wire should always be protected/unplugged during cleaning.



Clean your candelabra very carefully and always avoid water in/against edges/ metal attachments, as there may be crystal parts here that are attached with glass glue depending on the design.

If the candelabra has prisms you can (if necessary) put the candelabra on a towel and spray the prisms with the mixture. Spray a few times with warm water to rinse off the crystals and then let them drip dry.

You can also use a towel and softly press from underneath a few times against the prisms. This removes most of the water, dust and it will dry faster.

If you need to clean further, you can easily assemble your candelabra and clean the crystal parts separately.


Decor & Candle holders 

Clean your decor products very carefully and avoid getting water in/against edges, as there may be crystal parts here that are attached with glass glue depending on the design.

Spray the mixture on a duster and wipe/brush the desired surface. Clean off with warm water on a duster and wipe dry.

The crystal designs made of an entire crystal block are more resistant to water and cleaning. (ex. jewelery boxes, vases)


We wish you a lot of delightment from your crystal interior from us!


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