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Clean your crystal chandelier in 4 easy steps:

Crystal chandeliers need to be deep cleaned sometimes, at least once a year (preferably more often) to maintain their beautiful luster and shine. If you take care of it properly, it can continue to decorate your home year after year.

Here we have started cleaning as simply and efficiently as possible. The recommendation is therefore that you clean your crystal chandelier (safely) in place where it hangs with this simple and time-saving approach.

Specially developed crystal cleaners / polishes (Sparkle Plenty) are also available with us if you want to clean in the very best way.

Tip! Always be careful with / or avoid water on the lamp base itself, depending on the material of the crystal chandelier. Some crystal chandeliers withstand water well while others with a base in for example brass can become patchy over time if water and cleaning are used on these parts.



Easy cleaning

1) Before you clean, start by dusting off any excess dust collected on prisms and crystal parts with a duster. If the chandelier is properly dusty, you can use a moistened chamois leather and wipe the prisms more carefully individually before you begin.

2) Cover the floor under the crystal chandelier with towels, and you can use an upside-down umbrella to lay under it. (For both protection against unnecessary drip on the floor and if prisms should come loose during cleaning).

3) Then mix together warm / lukewarm water, a little dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. The mixture removes dirt effectively and gives a good shine. Spray the mixture over the crystal prisms but avoid electrical parts and always have the lamp off when cleaning.

4) After a few turns with the mixture, change to warm / lukewarm water in the bottle. Spray a few rounds with just water to rinse the crystals. When you are done with the cleaning, you can take a towel and gently push upwards from below a few times towards the lower parts of the chandelier. This removes most of the water, dust that has run down and thus it is even faster to dry. Then let the crystal chandelier air dry for a few hours or until the last one drips on the towels.


We hope you enjoy your crystal chandelier!

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